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Quantum Mechanic, Inc.

Our company began in 2002 with the belief that businesses should have a purpose beyond mere profit.  Whatever sector an organization operates, there is a responsibility to do that work in a way that causes no harm to our environment, nor exploits people or any living thing for personal gain.  We term these organizations Positive Impact Enterprises (PIE).

We’ve helped many individuals and organizations to find or refine their purpose and have contributed custom software, mobile apps, web sites, hosting and sound marketing and business advice to ensure their success.   In exchange for this initial or ongoing support, Quantum Mechanic negotiates a fair percentage of profits once they’re realized — but never prior.  That’s right, our investment comes before any profit is realized based on a belief in the people and purpose of those we help.

If you are a start-up that falls into our definition of PIE, or an existing business that is trying to refocus and re-brand, you owe it to yourself to check us out.  There’s no risk to you and our whole world that stands to benefit from whatever you’re trying to do!





Purpose Beyond Profit